House order

Hostel „Lumber“

House order


  • Upon arrival to the Hostel the Group leader must report the arrival of the Group to the Hostel Manager and hand over the list containing the names of the Group members, their date of birth, place of birth, address, gender and the Identity card number or passport if the Guests are foreign citizens.
  • On the day of the departure the Group must leave the Hostel until 10.00 AM, so that rooms can be prepared for new guests (Guests have the right to check in after 02.00 PM). On the day of departure, the room must be left in the condition in which it was found at the day of arrival, neat and undamaged.
  • Breakfast is served from 8.00 AM until 9.00 AM. Lunch is served from 12.00 AM until 2.00 PM. Dinner is served from 7.00 PM until 8.30 PM. It is forbidden to take the food out of the dining room.
  • Hostel’s quiet hours are from 11.00 PM until 7:00 PM, and from 2.00 PM until 4.00 PM. It is prohibited to make noise in the Hostel area (including courtyard) during quiet hours.
  • Hostel’s gate gets closed at 12.00 PM. The access to the Hostel after midnight is controlled by the night-warden.
  • At the Hostel’s area, it is prohibited:
    -  to bring in weapons, explosive and easily flammable material
    -  to bring in or consummate alcohol or other addictive substances
    -  smoking
    -  to destruct or to damage Hostel’s assets or the possessions of Hostel’s guests
    -  to behave violently
    -  to bring in animals
    - act disruptive in any way or disturb anyone (especially the Hostel staff and other guests)
  • It is not allowed to take out appliances and equipment (covers, blankets etc.) from the rooms.
  • The use of Hostel’s common rooms is permitted only with the consent of the host.
  • Use of the equipment and appliances which are not an integral part of the offer of the rooms is allowed only with the previous consent of the host.
  • In the event of the disappearance or damage to installations, furniture, appliances, equipment of the rooms the guest is obligated to notify the host immediately.
  • The guest will be liable for any form of material damage which is caused by his fault or negligence. In that event he is obligated to compensate the damage to corresponding equivalent or full value immediately.
  • Guests themselves are responsible for personal properties and valuables. A Hostel is not liable for money and other valuables left in the rooms. Guests can use safety deposit boxes.
  • The contents of the Hostel and Hostel rooms may only be used by persons who are registered as guests.
  • Hostel (dining room, kitchen, hallways, common rooms, courtyard, parking
  • Contract for the provision of the services can be terminated in this situation:

- Mutual agreement
-  If the client doesn’t pay the costs of accommodation upon his arrival to the Hostel
-  If the client arbitrarily stops using Hostel’s services without Hostel’s consent.
- If the client doesn’t compensate the damage he caused
- In the event of disregarding of the House rules
- If the client intentionally and fraudulently takes personal property of another without permission

  • Dear guests, you may offer your comments, suggestions and compliments to following e-mail address „Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite.“ or you can write them down to the "Book of complaints and Book of impression"  which are situated in the lobby
43.istarske divizije 3, 51415 Lovran 

RAVNATELJICA: Nataša Tomić, prof.
Tel: 091/444-5770

Maja Voštan Kadić, dipl. iur.
tel: 051/292-444